DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPERS LIMITED is made up of a core team of experienced professionals and master craftsmen in the field of construction. We help our clients turn their vision into reality and have carried out a wealth of diverse projects in Limassol.  

Quality construction, reliable delivery, fair prices, a direct and honest relationship with clients, both before and after sales, are the essential characteristics of DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPERS LIMITED, which have earned the company an enviable reputation for reliability in an increasingly competitive market.

DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPERS LIMITED Construction is a ‘Class C’ contractor involved in building construction, renovation, roadworks and maintenance based in Limassol, Cyprus.

The company is acknowledged as one of the most competent contractors in Cyprus, having been involved in countless projects in the private sectors. As a well-resourced, multi-faceted company, we are able to handle everything from small private contracts to large commercial and infrastructure developments. We apply our considerable experience and expertise to every contract and project. This goes hand-in-hand with our reputation for an uncompromising approach to quality; allowing us to serve better the needs of our clients and giving us an edge over our competitors.

DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPERS LIMITED has been involved in a wide range of residential construction projects over many years – including housing developments, mixed-use developments, apartment buildings and luxury villas.

For any project, DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPERS LIMITED can provide specialized pre-project consulting services and technical advice relating to its viability. We are able to undertake a diverse range of feasibility studies for both the natural environment and the built environment. DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPERS LIMITED is at the forefront of steel-frame construction technology. With expert design and product quality paramount, we have used steel-frame methods for constructing educational, commercial and industrial facilities for many applications.

The company is equipped with its own advanced high-tech machinery and the most experienced team that executes and delivers “C” Class construction Projects of any caliber.

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